PixaGraph Texture Pack (1.20.1, 1.19.4)

PixaGraph Texture Pack (1.20.1, 1.19.4) It is a texture pack comprised of vibrant and saturated colors that will add a dark yet vibrant touch to the various elements of the game. The design of the textures aims to convey a subtle “cartoon” feel, although it may be more noticeable in some blocks and objects than others.

This texture pack maintains the game’s default resolution of 16x. Therefore, external tools such as Optifine are not required, although they can be beneficial for optimizing overall game performance.

It’s worth noting that the following images, which showcase a comparison of the style before and after, do not feature these textures alongside the original ones. Instead, they depict the same textures on both sides. On one side, the textures are displayed with shaders, while on the other side, they are shown without shaders.

Photos of PixaGraph Texture Pack


How to install PixaGraph Texture Pack in Minecraft?

  • Download Optifine
  • Download PixaGraph Texture Pack
  • Open the .minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  • Paste the downloaded file into “resourcepacks”.
  • We can now enjoy a new look for our worlds!

Download PixaGraph Texture Pack for Minecraft

PixaGraph Texture Pack 1.20.1
PixaGraph Texture Pack 1.19.4

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