Sheep Ship Adventure Map  (1.20.1, 1.19.4)

Sheep Ship Adventure Map  (1.20.1, 1.19.4) Imagine a unique map where you transform into a mischievous sheep named Berakko. Your mission is to complete tasks assigned by the fellow crew members aboard a luxurious yacht. However, there’s a thrilling twist – you’ll find yourself entangled in a high-seas mystery that needs solving. Are you prepared for the adventure of a lifetime?

This immersive map revolves around accomplishing a series of missions that unfold during your yacht journey. From scavenger hunts for hidden treasures to solving perplexing puzzles, each task propels the story forward. It’s important to note that this map is designed for solo play, so your friends can cheer you on and provide assistance from the sidelines as you navigate the challenges.

Photos of Sheep Ship Adventure Map


How to install Sheep Ship Adventure Map in Minecraft?

  • Download Sheep Ship Adventure Map
  • Open the .minecraft/saves folder
  • Unzip the downloaded map file.
  • Paste the folder inside the downloaded file into the “saves” folder.
  • We can start the game now!

Download Sheep Ship Adventure Map for Minecraft

Sheep Ship Adventure Map 1.20.1
Sheep Ship Adventure Map 1.19.4

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