Tower Defense Map (1.20.1, 1.19.4)

Tower Defense Map (1.20.1, 1.19.4) It is a map that offers the iconic Tower Defense gameplay in our Minecraft universe. In this map, we will have to eliminate enemies following specific paths. We’ll face various waves of enemies, trying to prevent them from reaching the end of the path alive.

To deal with the increasing number of enemy waves and their growing strength, we can utilize various types of defensive towers and traps to slow down and hinder the enemies’ progress along the path.

The enemies in this map are not limited to the typical ones known to any Minecraft player, as in addition to Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons, we may encounter new creatures like beetles and ghosts.

Photos of Tower Defense Map


How to install Tower Defense Map in Minecraft?

  • Download Tower Defense Map
  • Open the .minecraft/saves folder
  • Unzip the downloaded map file.
  • Paste the folder inside the downloaded file into the “saves” folder.
  • We can start the game now!

Download Tower Defense Map for Minecraft

Tower Defense Map 1.20.1
Tower Defense Map 1.19.4

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