Healthbars Texture Pack (1.20.1, 1.19.4)

Healthbars Texture Pack (1.20.1, 1.19.4) This texture pack is somewhat different from others as it doesn’t focus on beautifying the world or adding more realism. Instead, this texture pack solely adds health bars above the heads of animals, players, villagers, enemies, and bosses.

Even though the health bar textures in this mod do not exceed a resolution of 16x, the creator recommends using Optifine to fully utilize the pack’s potential. Additionally, they suggest activating Custom Entity Models, Emissive Textures, and Random Entities under “Options” > “Video Settings” > “Quality…” to enhance the overall experience.

Photos of Healthbars Texture Pack


How to install Healthbars Texture Pack in Minecraft?

  • Download Optifine
  • Download Healthbars Texture Pack
  • Open the .minecraft/resourcepacks folder
  • Paste the downloaded file into “resourcepacks”.
  • We can now enjoy a new look for our worlds!

Download Healthbars Texture Pack for Minecraft

Healthbars Texture Pack 1.20.1
Healthbars Texture Pack 1.19.4

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