Kit Spleef Map (1.20.1, 1.19.4)

Kit Spleef Map (1.20.1, 1.19.4) It is a map/minigame, similar to spleef, that allows us to compete against other players on a map offering various configuration and customization options. This minigame can be played in both single-player mode, where we face artificially generated entities, or in multiplayer mode, where we can challenge our friends.

At the start of the game, we can acquire a combat kit, which will be used throughout each match. As we gain experience, we can purchase other combat kits from the in-game store, allowing us to change our playstyle according to our preferences or needs.

Photos of Kit Spleef Map


How to install Kit Spleef Map in Minecraft?

  • Download Kit Spleef Map
  • Open the .minecraft/saves folder
  • Unzip the downloaded map file.
  • Paste the folder inside the downloaded file into the “saves” folder.
  • We can start the game now!

Download Kit Spleef Map for Minecraft

Kit Spleef Map 1.20.1
Kit Spleef Map 1.19.4

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